Covid 19

Uebelhor and Son's Plan for Implementing Measures and Instituting Safeguards in Response to COVID-19

Uebelhor and Sons takes seriously the safety and well-being of our employees, customers, and clients. Accordingly, we are taking steps to provide a safer environment to help combat concerns raised by the COVID-19 health emergency and to minimize risks on our premises going forward. As informed by healthcare experts and federal, state, and local policy-makers, these steps include the following protective and preventative measures, which have been distributed to all employees and are posted on the company website, at the entries to the buildings, and in employee breakrooms:

Employee Screening Procedures

  • Prior to reporting for work, each employee shall self-assess their health up to and including taking their temperature prior to coming to work to ensure they do not have COVID-19 symptoms. The company may also do these same assessments at the time the employee arrives at work prior to the work day beginning or at any time during the work day if an employee develops signs or symptoms consistent with COVID-19.

Personal Protective Equipment

  • Employees and customers, while on the premises, are encouraged to wear and utilize a face mask provided by the company or their own personal cloth face masks, scarves, or surgical masks to cover their nose and mouth. The company may require use of other PPE equipment including gloves, hand sanitizer and disinfectant for disinfecting their work area and other shared work areas used by other employees in their department.

Social Distancing

  • Employees and customers shall maintain at least six feet of distance between themselves and other people (for a frame of reference, six feet has been marked off and designated visibly at the entry of the building and in high traffic areas on the premises).
  • While most employees' jobs require them to be at work to do their tasks (i.e. technicians, onsite sales, delivery of sold vehicles, detailing vehicles), certain employees may be able to work remotely and are encouraged to do so (especially those who are in a vulnerable status) when possible.
  • The company will continue to assess and evaluate flexible work schedules to reduce the number of employees physically present on the premises during work hours.
  • The company will conduct employee informational and other meetings, whenever practical and available, via telephonic or virtual communication.
  • To reduce the number of customers on the premises at any given time, customers may reach the company at the following phone number: 812-482-2222; 800-937-8721 or visit the company web address: for customer service, to make an appointment, inquire about vehicles for sale or to obtain additional information

Workplace Cleaning and Disinfection

  • High-touch surfaces (tables, printers, doorknobs, countertops, desks, workstations, handles, phones, keyboards, touchscreens, faucets, etc.) shall be regularly cleaned and disinfected throughout the workday and at the close of and prior to the beginning of the business day.
  • Disposable wipes or disinfecting solution and paper towels are provided so commonly used areas can be wiped down by employees before and after use.

Personal Hygiene

  • Employees and customers are reminded and encouraged to wash their hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds regularly and to use hand sanitizer regularly throughout the day (to make this practice easier, hand sanitizer is available for use by employees and customers at designated locations on the premises).
  • Employees and customers are encouraged to refrain from touching their face, nose, mouth, or eyes and to avoid shaking hands with or touching others.
  • If employees or customers have to sneeze, cough, or clear their throat, they should utilize their elbow or arm to muffle the sneeze or cough.


  • Signage regarding COVID-19 safety guidelines and best practices will be posted in relevant places on the premises.

Individuals with Symptoms

  • Employees with respiratory illness symptoms should not come to work, should contact their physician and seek testing, and should contact their supervisor and comply with company notification policies for requesting leave.
  • Employees who become ill while at work must notify their supervisor and will be sent home immediately.
  • Prior to returning to work, sick employees must be free of a fever without the aid of fever reducing medication for at least 72 hours and be at least seven days removed from when their symptoms first began.
  • Customers with symptoms or those who have recently recovered from symptoms should not visit the premises. As alternatives to onsite visits, we offer pick-up and delivery of vehicles for service. We also continue to deliver or have delivered vehicles to the customers at their place of business or residence. Our vehicle inventory may also be reviewed on our various websites which can be accessed at Our salespeople also have the ability to conduct virtual demonstration videos of vehicles in which customers can request online.

Separate Hours for Vulnerable Populations

  • The Company has designated times for customers age 65 or over or those who have high risk medical conditions. Simply call one of our companies to inquire about the times designated.
  • All of our companies have ample supplies of disinfectant and will be utilizing it prior to working on customer vehicles and after the repair or maintenance procedures are complete prior to returning the vehicles to customers. In many cases, we are also utilizing steering wheel, seat and floor covers prior to accessing customer vehicles. Sold vehicles will also be disinfected prior to delivery to the customer.