Our finance center: Financing made easier - and more understandable

The specialists in our finance center at Uebelhor & Sons Cadillac Vincennes have a number of strengths that we are very proud of. One, of course, is their extensive knowledge of the different financing options that can help make your next new or pre-owned car more affordable. Another very helpful talent they have is explaining your loan and lease choices in simple, understandable terms. They can make financing a car actually enjoyable.

You don't have to be a financing expert: We have them right here to help you

The people in our financing center consider it their job - and their mission - to help make buying or leasing a brand new or used car one of the easiest transactions you've ever been involved in. They understand that the world of finance can be confusing - and intimidating. They're really good at taking all that mystery out of the process of figuring out how to pay for the car, truck or SUV you want. You'll enjoy getting to know these people. 

Some advantages of getting a car loan through us

As our financing specialists can explain, a car loan is a way for you to build up real cash value in the car you're buying. In other words, like buying a house, you're creating equity - a portion of personal ownership - in the vehicle you're buying. That cash value, or equity, is real money you can someday cash out, by selling or trading in the car, and then using that money to buy your next vehicle. As you make your payments, your share can grow. 

In addition, when you use a car loan to buy a car, truck or SUV, by making your monthly payments on time, you're helping to build your credit. In fact, making monthly loan payments on time consistently over a period of years helps to raise your credit score. A higher credit score can make it easier for customers in Princeton and Terre Haute, IN to get a car loan in the future, get a mortgage loan to buy a house or get approved for a credit card.

Some advantages of leasing

The primary advantages of leasing tend to be more short-term and often have to do with taking fewer dollars out of your pocket, both when you first lease and every month during the time period you lease a vehicle. The biggest attraction is the fact that monthly lease payments are usually lower than monthly car loan payments. In addition, the upfront cash payment - the "amount due at signing" - is usually less than a car loan down payment.

Disadvantages of a car loan

With a car loan, buyers in Carmel or Washington IN are paying more for the initial down payment to acquire the car than you would with a lease. After that, you'll probably spend more in terms of the monthly payment. In addition, with a car loan, you'll need a good credit score to qualify. Both a loan and a lease typically require good credit (though not always), but in general, a car loan requires a stronger credit score than a car lease. 

Disadvantages of a lease

When you lease, it's like "renting" a car instead of buying it. You're paying for the opportunity to drive the car for a specific amount of time, usually 36 months, and at the end, you usually don't have any cash value built up. In addition, a lease contract limits the number of miles a lessee from a nearby community like Robinson IN can drive every year without paying an excess mileage fee.

Our finance center can help put you in the driver's seat

We encourage you to visit with one of our finance center specialists any time, whether you just want to learn more about financing or you want to apply for a loan or a lease. Our experts can help you through every step and make it easier to get your next car at Uebelhor & Sons Cadillac Vincennes in Vincennes, IN.



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